Hello, and thank you for visiting DJ Andy M.  I’m DJ Andy M, the owner and primary DJ.  I’ve been in the DJ business since I was about ten years old. I got my start with my uncle who was a DJ in the area.  I would help him set up, tear down, control the lights, and also mix some tunes. Eventually my uncle retired and I bought his business.  I loved working with my uncle, but I was ready to take DJing to the next level. Thus, DJ Andy M was born.  


Advancing the company to the next level was fun, and to grow, was necessary. First things first, it was time for all new updated equipment – new speakers, turntables, mixing boards, laptops, and LED lighting.  Not only did all this new gear enhance my skill set, but also my company and appearance.


I always had a love for mixing and blending songs together.  I practiced daily and mastered the art of blending songs, club mixing, and bridging the generation gap.  What’s that you ask?  I call it bridging the generation gap because I take music from today and seamlessly blend it with your parent’s favorites.  This in return brings all generations together.  This helps ensure the dance floor is packed and everyone has some fun.  I always conform to each client’s requested music styles.  


As my clubmixing skills increased, my music sets became more popular. It wasn’t long before I mixing at over a dozen clubs and bars all over central PA; The Chameleon in Lancaster, to a resident Friday and Saturday night DJ at a club in downtown Harrisburg for five years.  I was DJing two to three nights per week.  Eventually something had to give.  So, I left the club scene and focused on private events such as weddings, parties, school events, and corporate functions.


We now cover all the major venues in Central PA.  We’ve built relationships with many of the venues and understand their procedures and layout.  This is important to help ensure the event runs smoothly and error free.


Let’s talk about emcee (MC) skills.  It is very important for your DJ to be able to make announcements and control the room.  He can’t be overbearing, but must be able to speak clearly and with authority.  I’ve been told on many occasions that I sound like a radio announcer.  I love the positive feedback, but my true love falls into the music.  


DJ Andy M LLC is fully insured and proof of insurance is always available upon request.  I also carry backup equipment and have a list of DJs on speed dial should the need ever arise.  All this preparedness gives peace of mind.  I typically arrive at the venue two to three hours in advance to set up. This ensures that all equipment is in place, all lighting is set, and music is playing as the first guests arrive.


We offer several packages and pricepoints.  You can purchase just DJ services, or book DJ services and add lighting, photo booths, and extra sound equipment.


We cover any style of event from a small pool party up to large scale events such as weddings, proms, and corporate functions.  Weddings are our specialty.  I, personally, DJ 50-70 events per year.  I find this to be the perfect balance of work and family time. My music collection is endless, to include all the top 40 hits of today, stretching back to all the classics and old school.   Please reach out for pricing and availability.  


See ya at the party,

DJ Andy M